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Welcome on our web site.
In the middle of Borgo la Croce, in the historic central area of Santa Croce. Here, where in the renaissance age grew up all the florentine craftsmen, you will find our shop. Since 1994 We sell shirts with the best fabrics on the market, always respecting the old traditions of the italian shirthmakers. Our engagement is to offer a High quality shirt to the lowest price. Infact all our shirts cost 60,00 Euro. You can find here our ready to dress shirts in a great and available immediately choice of fabrics and designs, ready to ship, Big and tall sizes too. Consider, if you buy on Internet the shirts, you will receive your embroyded monograms free. Filling the form during your order Please contact us by email if you do not find your shirt, we will be pleased to reply you as soon as possible, informing what we have ready at the moment in your size and seding you some photos. Take a look at our "Sport Line"shirts. This is a special price imported shirts, still in pure cotton, button down neck and one pocket at 35,00 Euros made in 4 sizes: M, L, XL, XXL; all in classic fit. Shipping cost is 10.00 Euros for all continental Europe. Sorry, but We do not ship overseas and US. We inform you the our SARTORIALE sizes shirts are: From 15 to 16 the fit is soft slim, from 16\1-2 to 19 1\2 is classic fit. We'll inform You that size 19 has 5,00 euros for plus extrasize.
Thank you very much for your visit, all the best Lorenzo Berti

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