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Always contact us before placing an order, to check the availability of the selected items by email: info@lorenzocamicie.com

Welcome to the website of the Lorenzo shirt shop in Florence. About halfway through Borgo la Croce, in the historic Florentine district, now a pedestrian shopping centre, where once upon a time in the distant past crafts and guilds of the arts flourished since the Renaissance, you will find our sales point, where we display our products with great commitment and love. shirts that have been made since 1994 with the best pure cotton fabrics on the market, always respecting the rules and tradition of the product. Our commitment is directed beyond offering an unquestionable quality and a range of sizes from the smallest *15"/38* to the calibrated for large size -*19" 1/2-48*-, ALWAYS FOR YEARS to content control of prices; in order to offer a garment at a price that we objectively believe is never exaggerated and stable over time. In fact, our TAILORED shirts ALL cost 75.00 Euros. The encryption of the garment with your embroidered initials is offered free of charge on all shirts of the sartorial line purchased ONLINE. On this website you will find some of our shirts ready to be immediately shipped and worn. Payment can be made easily: Cash on delivery, Paypal. However, we inform you that given our availability, in the event of the possible absence of the size and/or of the article you have chosen, you will be promptly notified on the times and methods for its realization. If you don't find the shirt you are looking for, please contact us via email with your requests at this address: info@lorenzocamicie. We will respond with pleasure, sending you images of what is available to us at that moment for that size. As regards the shirts of the Sartoriale collection: from size 38/15 to size 41/16 the garments are made with a moderate slim fit; from size 42-16 1\2 to size 48-19 1\2 the garments are made with a classic comfort fit. In addition, in the order form you will have the possibility to specify any figures embroidered free of charge by us (e.g. Mario Rossi=MR). We also carry out made-to-measure and cloned garments. SHIPPING COSTS ARE 10.00. WE APOLOGIZE BUT WE DO NOT SHIP TO THE USA.

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